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  • Product Discription: 100 pages
  • Format: Paperback
  • Title: Entreprenural Dads 
  • Published: January 25, 2021
  • ISBN: 971-1-64775-281-1


SKU: 0001
  • How do you balance fatherhood and entrepreneurship?

    Though it often can seem like a business success requires sacrificing family life, the truth is there are enough hours in the day to be both an exceptional father and entrepreneur. Not only that, being an engaged and present dad makes you a better entrepreneur, and vice versa. As a father of two and a serial entrepreneur, Jeff Lopes has mastered the art of work-life balance. In Entrepreneur Dad, he lays out how to achieve this balance with time-tested methods for prioritization, strategizing, scheduling, and making memories along the way. To learn more about Jeff, his podcast and Mans Purpose coaching platform dedicated to entreprenerial dads, please visit 

  • Jeff Lopes is a proud father of two, a husband, and a entrepreneur for the past 24 years. Jeff has founded numerous companies from inception to 7 & 8 figure Corporations. Over the past three years he has coached countless entrepreneurs in balancing the obstacles of fatherhood and entrepreneurship, and achieving a higher levels of success in both areas. 

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